Special Features:

Standard SizeWidth - 405 mm / Special Sizes as per requirement
Length - 6000 Meter
Jumbo Roll90% - NIL Joint
10% - One Joint

Storage Conditions:

Should be stored indoor, at temperature between 100C to 240C at 40% to 60% Rh. Long term storage at temperature above 400C or over 60% Rh may cause reduction in image contrast.

Handling Conditions:

  • Direct sunlight, Fluorescent and UV light sources should be avoided.
  • Printed image may get reduced depending upon the duration of contact with:
    a) Carbon and Carbonless Paper.
    b) Organic Solvent and adhesive containing tributyl phosphate, dibutyl phosphate.
    c) Solvent or Solvent - containing products.
    d) Folders composed of Plastic containing plasticizers.

The pigmented precoats that are applied to the base paper are a feature of Thermal Sensitive Papers. The Thermal Coat contains the chemical components that generate the image through point heating by the thermal printer. Coating process and Coating chemical composition plays a vital role in image creation. There are different coating chemical compositions for different application according to requirements of end users.

By precise process control and unique formulation at SKPMIL manufacturing facility we produce the products which are print friendly and meeting total requirements of end users.


Advantages of Thermal Printing

  • Silent
  • High Image resolution
  • Faster Printing
  • Low running cost (low maintenance cost of Thermal Printer and energy saving)
  • No other consumables other than Thermal Sensitive Paper
  • Compact and easy to handle Printing unit


Advantages of Senso Therm Thermal Sensitive Paper

  • Use of "A" Grade Paper manufacturers materials only for Base Paper.
  • Use of top ranked chemical manufacturer's material for coating.
  • Uniform, smooth coated surface
  • Excellent ink receptivity
  • Clear and dark printing
STH - 756VERY HIGH56 ± 256 ± 2> 250l85> 8012/3003Bus Tickets Rol
STH - 700VERY HIGH60 ± 260 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003ATM, Medical, Printed POS & Lottery
STH - 701VERY HIGH65 ± 265 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003Cinema Tickets, Toll Tickets
STH - 703VERY HIGH70 ± 270 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003Medical
STH - 705VERY HIGH75 ± 275 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003Medical
STH - 707VERY HIGH80 ± 280 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003Medical
STH - 709VERY HIGH135 ± 2135 ± 2> 25085> 8012/3003Cinema Tickets & Labels
STH - 501HIGH65 ± 265 ± 2> 25085> 728/2002FAX Roll & Plain POS Roll
STH - 503HIGH70 ± 270 ± 2> 25085> 728/2002Cinema Tickets
STH - 600HIGH60 ± 260 ± 2> 25085>728/2002Bus Tickets Roll, Plain POS

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