Road Construction

With its extensive experience in industrial engineering, as part of Pura Group’s endeavor in construction sector, Pura Group construction division focuses on road construction.

Clients of PT Pura Barutama

PT Waskita Karya (Persero) TbkPT Conbloc Infratecno
PT Adhi Karya (Persero) TbkPT Modern Widya Tehnical
PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) TbkPT Trans Marga Jateng
PT PP (Persero) TbkPT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
PT Hutama Karya (Persero) TbkPT Marga Harjaya Infrastrktur
PT Nindya KaryaPT Armada Hada Graha
PT Jaya KonstruksiDepartment of Public Works
PT ISTAKAMinistry of Transportation


Construction Division has implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and its products have been certified by The Directorate General of Ministry of Transportation – Republic of Indonesia.

PT Pura Barutama’s construction material has been widely used in various infrastructure projects throughout Indonesia.


Thermoplastic Road Marking

  • Classified into two: Thermoplastic Asstho M249 and Glassbeads Asstho M247, PURA is able to produce up to 400,000 kg of Thermoplastic per month (equal to 66,000 m2 on volume).

    Product Variant:

    • MICROTACK V - 03 (White)  
    • MICROTACK V - 02 (Yellow)  
    • MICROTACK V - 02 (Red) 
    • MICROTACK V - 02 (Green)  
    • MICROTACK H - 03 (Black)  
    • MICROTACK D - 03 (Glass Beads)

    Product Description:

    Thermoplastic AASHTO Materials has average retroreflective strength around :

    • 0-6 months of age, Retroreflective > 300 mcd/m2/lux
    • 6-12 months of age, Retroreflective > 250 mcd/m2/lux
    • More than 1 year of age, Retroreflective >180 mcd/m2/lux


  • Guardrail is a type of fence that generally protects each side of toll road. PT Pura Barutama produces Guardrail of high quality materials and has been tested to meet the strict quality standard, with current capacity of 52,000 m/month.

    The followings are Guardrail description based on the component and the color reflection:

    • Flexible Beam, Post, Block Post, Fastener & washer, End Section – AASHTO M180 - JIS 3101 SS. 400 / ST. 37 / A. 36 / SNI 07-0601-2006, Tensile strength of 483 MPa
    • Fastener & Washer – AASHTO M 180 – A.307 / Soft Iron, Tensile Strength of 415 Mpa
    • Coating – AASHTO M 120, using ASTM A123 reference, hot dip galvanize, minimum thickness 65 micron (beam), 85 micron (post & block post).

    Available in red, yellow, and white color reflector with Electro Galvanized Steel Plate (EGP) for left, right, and median side.

Precast Concrete Fence

Precast Concrete Fence is a protector fence generally used for each side of toll road, made from high quality and durable concrete material.

Product Variation :

  • Concrete Panel Fence
  • BRC Fence
  • Barbed Wire Fence
  • Kanstein dan Concrete Barrier

Road Stud

PT Pura Barutama manufactures Road Stud made of tempered glass with aluminium reflector. Having 360 degree of convergence, the Road Stud is designed in perfectly rounded shape. Equipped with application machine, PT Pura Barutama is able to install Road Stud up to 2400 unit per day.

Description Specification
Material Tempered Glass
Standard Load 66,000 kg
Unit Weight 540 +/- 20 gram
Dimension and Height Dimension Size: Diameter = 100 +/- 3mm; Height: 44 +/- 4 mm
Perfectly rounded design (edgeless allows rain water to be wash out easily; no sharp edge and well-attached
Colour Red, White, Yellow
Reflection Area 80 cm2
Convergence Degree

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