Flexographic Printing

Pura Flexographic Printing was established in 2021 to produce labels (self adhesive labels) to complement the main packaging. Pura Flexographic Printing can produce various kinds of label materials, including:

1. Paper: semi gloss, security paper
2. Film: PP, PP white, PET, Metallic PET, etc

By combining all of Pura's capabilities as an integrated group, Flexographic Printing division also produces security labels, with the application of various security elements, including security paper, security ink, security designs and holograms.

Apart from producing labels (self adhesive labels), Pura Flexographic Printing also produces shrink sleeves with PVC and PET materials. In addition to being printed according to consumer needs, shrink sleeves can also be combined with security elements, including security ink and holograms.

Pura Flexographic Printing also has ISO 9001 : 14001 : 45001 certification.



Label in a product that includes its brand, type of packaging, and information holds a very important role on its success in the market. As the core business of the division, Pura Flexographic Printing has been producing various kinds of label for Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Cosmetic, and Tobacco Industry.


One of the promotional strategies known in the industry is to use discounts Vouchers, gimmicks, or lucky draws implemented in an event. This strategy usually takes form in advertisements or special labels on a product. The types of Vouchers that are usually used in the market are redemption Vouchers, scratch coupons, and gift discount coupons. Flexographic Printing has been trusted by various local and international brands to contribute to their promotional events.


Sleeve is one of the core products in Flexographic Printing Unit. In brief, majority of this product using film material such as: PVC, PET, PE, PP, etc. Sleeve is usually combined with some features as: Hologram Stripe, perforation, film lamination, and etc.


Pura Flexographic Printing unit provides various types of tickets to meet customer needs, such as: Redemption tickets and wristbands for Amusement Parks.

Tea Envelope and Tea Tag

Tea Tag is one of the label types applied in tea packaging. Generally, Tea Tag is applied with Envelope Tea and/or Folding Box for Powdered Tea. Tea Tag has several types of variants from material, cutting, print type, and application type.

Gold Bullion Packaging

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