Offset Printed Packaging

Offset Printing Division is a pioneer division in PURA GROUP. Engaged in the printing and packaging industry for over a century, Offset division operates more than 60 high-technology printing machines producing more than 50 million sheets each month and still increasing constantly, fulfilling both domestic and international packaging demand.

Pura Group Offset provides packaging for food and beverages, pharmacy, electronics, cosmetics, household goods, traditional herbs, agribusiness, and many other consumer goods.

Acknowledgement and Awards of Pura Group Offset Printing Division :

  • ISO 9001
  • FSSC 22000
  • Certificate SMK3 ( OHSAS – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series ) named “Bendera Emas”
  • Offset Division is a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)
  • Supplier Quality Management & Assessment Program UNILEVER
  • Focus Improvement Awards from Unilever
  • Certificate of Honor from Sampoerna


Our distinguished customers ranging from renowned domestic to international companies, which include:

Borden Co. (PLE) LTDPfizer
EPSONSanbe Farma
FronteraSanghiang Perkasa
HM SampoernaSarana Widyaguna
Fast Food KFCTempo Group (Revlon & Ultima)
MondelesAnd many more
Nissin Biscuit Indonesia 


Regular Printed Packaging

With more than 100 year- tradition of printing experience, Offset Division is capable to produce exclusive, premium packaging with various techniques, namely Varnish Mirror Effect, Varnish UV & WB, Hot Stamping Foil application, Microflute, Wax and many more.

Security Printed Packaging

Printing with anti-counterfeiting features used for security documents and special packaging, such as:

  • Microtext: very small text that can only be viewed using loupe
  • Filter Image: A raster simulation that appears as a text or image when viewed using a certain film filter
  • Guilloche: a group of continuous line in various motifs
  • Security Hot Stamping Foil Hologram application (Individual and Continuous)
  • Hologram Transparent Lamination: Printing on security hologram board and paper
  • Security Ink application: Invisible ink, Visible invisible ink, Thermochromic Ink

Innovative Printed Packaging

  • Hot Stamping foil on Embossed Linen Board
  • Carving Printing
  • Sand Effect
  • Iriodin Ink Application
  • White Coating Varnish 
  • Metallized Printed Packaging: Printing on metallized boards/carton of various motifs/color like silver, gold, or hologram.

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