Plastic Converting

PURA GROUP’s venture in plastic converting business is conducted through Indostamping Division. Established in 1989, the division produced Hot Stamping Foil, initially to supply PURA GROUP’s printing industry only. Years of development have expanded the division to create wider range of plastic converting products such as Hot Stamping Foil, Cold Stamping Foil, Transfer Printing Film, In-Mould Printing Film, Tattoo Sticker, Solar Window Film, Security Film and Decorative Film.


Hot Stamping Foil & Cold Stamping Foil

Stamping Foil is a polyester-based product which is laminated with a special resin, used as a coating or a decoration for products made of paper, varnish, plastic, fabric, partition, wood, and even leather. Stamping Foil is usually used in printing, stationeries, craft, furniture, plastic molding, and textile industries. 

PURA GROUP’s Indostamping Division is the first producer of Hot Stamping Foil in Southeast Asia, supplying its Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Stamping Foil under Sparkle and Wessler brand for many industries in many countries.

PURA’s stamping foil is available in many variations:

  • Metallic Color Foils (Silver, Gold, Red Metallic, Green Metallic, Blue Metallic etc.,) in glossy and matte metallic. 
  • Pigment Color Foils (as ink alternative to print text and logo)
  • Pearlescent Color Foils
  • Pattern Foils (special motifs like wood, marble, astor, lines, and even text). Usually for coating plastic / wood frame, MDF, particle board, etc.
  • Holographic Transfer Foils
  • High Refractive Index Transparent Foils (Transparent Hologram Effect)
  • Seamless Holographic Foils

Hot Stamping Foil & Cold Stamping Foil

Special printing film is a film product for decorative printing, also used as an alternative for direct printing such as screen printing and offset printing, or for sticker and label alternative on a finished product, container, plastic package, etc.

Product Classification:

  • Transfer Printing Film
    Transfer Printing Film (TPF) is a diversified product development of Hot Stamping Foil by adding decorative design printing, used as a coating or decoration for plastic containers such as food container, water bottle, cosmetic container, paint cans, stationeries, household appliances, even in electronic and health equipment.
  • In-Mould Printing Film
    In-Mould Printing Film (IMF) is a coating or decorative product where its application is integrated with plastic container molding process. IMF is supplied in sheets with various shapes according to the container shape. Every In Mould Printing Film sheet will be applied simultaneously with the moulding process, so the film will merge with the surface of the plastic container/application media.
    In-Mould Printing Film benefits:
    • More efficient operational cost due to the integrated application process
    • Eliminating flame treatment process on the container/application media
    • Recyclable (environmentally friendly)
    • More vivid visual display with more colorful designs
    • Flexible design shape, adjustable to the container shape
  • Tattoo Sticker
    A Special Printing Film product which is applied to the body skin, often used as a promotional media in the form of additional gift in snacks or candies. Tattoo Sticker can also be used as a main product, specially made and sold as Temporary Body Art Tattoo Sticker.

Hot Stamping Foil & Cold Stamping Foil

Window Film is a product that is commonly used to prevent glaring sun beams, applied on windows of a car or a building such as houses, offices, and factories. 

Pura Group Indostamping Division is the first and only Window Film producer in Southeast Asia, entrusted as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and even Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) company from leading Window Film brands in Indonesia. Indostamping Division also has some registered Window Film brands such as B-Cool, Optixgard, and Ilumax.

By combining German-Korean technology, supported by production and engineering experiences in film application for more than 15 years, Indostamping Division has successfully created Cured Nano Ceramic to produce Window Film. The nano ceramic particle is able to reject Infrared (IR) and Ultra Violet (UV) rays, as well as giving high transparency. The curing system will ensure the ceramic stability and superiority to last for a long time.

Product benefits:

    • Giving cool, comfortable, and energy-saving environment
      • Rejecting the IR ray up to 99%, so the heat input through the window lessens, and the temperature in the cabin or room will be cooler and more comfortable.
      • Saving the electricity cost and fuel cost from air conditioning usage in room or vehicle since the heat input lessens.
      • Reduce electricity cost for lighting since the window film doesn’t block natural light.
    • Protecting from bad effects of sun beams.
      • Rejecting the UV ray up to 99%, minimizing the risk of skin cancer and cataract.
      • Maintaining furniture and interior from color dullness due to UV exposure.
    • Safety
      • Window Film with a specific thickness can increase glass durability so it does not break easily.
      • Minimizing the risk of getting hurt by glass shards when accident occurred.
      • Providing clear and genuine glass look, while still maintaining security and safety features.
    • Decorative and other purposes:
      • Giving privacy by blocking view from outside but retain viewing clarity from inside a cabin or room.
      • Blocking the glaring sun or light in the cabin or room
      • Anti-scratch characteristic.
      • Adding aesthetic and elegant look to the glass display


Product Classification:

      • IR Cut Film
        This product uses Cured Nano Ceramic Technology as a material which rejects UV and IR rays from sun beams, but also maintaining high transparency with energy-saving benefit. E-Save Film and Prime Series are Indostamping’s premier variants.
      • Safety and Security Films
        This type of Window film is specially made to endure blows and impacts. Designed with a specific thickness and malleability to increase glass durability, the glass does not break easily, and thus minimizing the risk of injury by glass shards during an accident.
      • Decorative and Anti-Glare Films
        This type of Window Film is commonly used due to its affordable price as well as its color and variety. Our newest innovation is DX-series Window Film, with more even and durable color compared to other series in its class.


Product Type:

    • Non-Reflective Films
      This is Window Film without any metal content in its film composing layer. It has natural color display, giving a luxurious and elegant impression. Unlike metal-layered window film, this type of Window Film is safe from corrosion effect and does not disturb the incoming phone/GPS signal,
    • Reflective Films
      This is a type of Window Film which uses metal content in its film composing layer, creating a “mirror look” that gives fashionable and glamorous impression. This type of Window Film can also be used to give privacy by blocking outside views into the cabin or room.

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