The Engineering Division provides a wide range of tested and certified machines for various industries such as agriculture and fishery, as well as providing industrial engineering service.

Combining engineering expertise and production process mastery, Pura Engineering Division offers Turnkey Project to provide machineries, production process technology, installation, and ready-to-operate production line.

Machineries Products

  • Vertical Grain Dryer
    Vertical Dryer is a husk-fueled machine to dry paddy and grains that can save up space as farmers no longer need conventional drying floor. The machine dries paddy and grains in 8 hours with the capacity from 1 ton up to 30 tons in one time run. Farmers no longer need to worry about rainy or cloudy days.
  • Bed Dryer
    A simpler and more affordable grain drying machine, our Bed Dryer can dry 1 to 4 tons of grains per process in 8 hours on its horizontal drying bed, also husk-fueled.
  • Rice Milling Unit
    Diesel fuel powered rice miller with Capacity of 500kg/hour to 5 ton/hour.
  • Multi-purpose Threshing Machine
    Diesel-motored threshing machine for corn (skinned and unskinned), paddy, and soy bean with 0.5 ton/hr to 4ton/hr capacity, capable to thresh 99% of the harvest with less than 2% loss.
  • Ice Flake Maker
    Fuel-powered diesel ice flake machine with production capacity from 500kg/24hrs to 10 ton/24hrs.
  • Crusher
    Organic fertilizer and fodder crushing machine with 3 optional engines; 5.5HP ,8.5HP , and 11HP.
  • Rice Transplanter
    Rice planter machine with 3 optional models; 4 lines, 4 lines seed row spacing, and 6 lines.
  • Seeding Machine
    Nursery machine for paddy seed which will be used for Rice Transplanter Machine.
  • Combine Harvester
    Automatic Harvesting machine capable of harvesting and also threshing paddy with 0.8 – 4 kg/second, depends on the machine size.
  • Silo
    Storage with 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 ton capacity.

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