Industrial Adhesives

Pura Group also produces special adhesives for various industries, such as:

  • Wood-working: bare core, block board, furniture (lamination, PVC, HPL), finger joint, door manufacturing.
  • Paper Converting and Paper Industry: paper tube and paper core; paper packaging; corrugated carton box; paper lamination; paper bag and paper sack; and paper pallet.
  • Textile chemicals: fabric stiffener (melamine or PVAc-based), fabric softener (fatty acid and silicone-based) and printing binder.
  • Labelling and Sticker: permanent, removable, remoistable, and pressure-sensitive.
  • Decorative: wallpaper and handicraft.
  • Bags and shoes industry
  • Construction
  • Other customized adhesives product according to customer’s request.


Microcapsule is the main component for the production of carbonless paper (NCR - No Carbon Required Paper), where it is used especially for the CB (Coated Back) and CFB (Coated Front and Back) paper as a color former.

PURA is the first microcapsule-40 producer in Southeast Asia. MICROLUX (Pura’s Microcapsule brand) is produced with high technology, fully automatic machine, with computer-based control system.

“MICROLUX” has excellent features such as high color intensity, firm wall, and high image speed; available in blue, black, or in other colors to suit customers’ request.