Metalized Paper & Board

Pura Metalizing Division produces special packaging material in the form of paper and board with hologram and metal patterns, giving exclusive and attractive appearance to the packaging. 

Supported by competent personnel and precision machines, we assure high quality and environmentally friendly nature of our products. Pura Metallizing Division also complies with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008.


Hologram Paper & Board

Pura’s Hologram Paper & Board is environmentally friendly (film less) and available in variety of designs. We have more than 30 holographic designs for your needs and also accept custom design.

Pura’s Hologram Paper & Board will give eye-catching and unique illuminating effect to your packaging, increasing products’ shelf visibility, showcasing their quality and value.

With wide range of weight from 47 gsm up to 450 gsm, Pura’s holographic paper is easily printed and can also be embossed, slit, sheet cut, and backed with adhesive to fulfill every requirement.

Metalized Paper & Board

Pura’s Metallized Paper & board does not only embed aluminum effect on paper or board but also displays a smooth and super bright appearance which cannot be found in other processes. This brilliant effect conveys high quality and value, allowing the product to stand out compared to its competitors.

Metalized Paper Board is available in many colors, depending on customers’ request. Pura’s Metallized Paper and Board can be embossed (to create unique texture), slit, sheet cut, laminated or backed with adhesives to suit every requirement.

Pura’s Metallized Paper and Board are designed to be environmentally friendly by using transfer metallized technology that is easily recycled.

Aluminium Paper & Board

Made of 30 - 450 gsm of high quality paper & board and 7 - 20 mic of first grade aluminum foil, Pura’s Aluminum Paper & Board has a very smooth texture and appearance, creating elegant impression on your packaging.

This product is available in many colors and can be slit, sheet cut, embossed, or backed with adhesive.

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